Rocket guy

Here’s one more work of Great Art from Baikonur, with a rare guest appearance by Your Host. Also starring a Proton K/Block DM rocket. And a guy who looks like he works for Domino’s.

Thanks to Loyal Reader Number One for the kind words about yesterday’s Great Art. We live to serve.

Had a nice evening at the local high school football game. The good guys won, 36-7. Rain was predicted, but we got no more than a few drops. The weather wasn’t hot and it wasn’t cold. Just comfortable. We sat with several friends and enjoyed ourselves.

It was off Friday. I worked more hours than I would have if I had been in Sunnyvale. I’m still glad I was home, though. It was a great day.

We’re watching an old Monk. It’s hilarious, as always. So I’m through blogging for tonight.

See you Monday.

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