Surgery time

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two ready to hit the operating table. Apparently, they’re not going for style there.

First the Truly Important News: LRN2’s tonsil surgery (link warning: gross pictures down people’s throats) went very well today. He’s home and resting uncomfortably. The pain medication is doing its job, though. Frequently. We’re really glad to have the surgery behind us.

Fine weekend, although it passed fairly quickly. I worked pretty much all day on Friday and watched general conference pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday. And spent pretty much all day in the hospital today. Back to work tomorrow.

We got enough rain on Saturday to slightly dampen the sidewalk. So much for Extremely Heavy Showers. I should have known.

In my spare moments, I did manage to finish version 0.1 of my Sudoku Solver program for Palm OS. It seems to run error-free and solves easy puzzles. Sadly, I’ve run a more difficult puzzle through it, and it doesn’t even come close to a solution. Note to self: work on a new solving algorithm. There are also other odds and ends that need to be cleaned up, like not asking before overwriting an old puzzle file. That kind of stuff.

So other than not performing its intended function all that well, it’s working great! Oh, and the user interface isn’t too attractive either.

Great work, me!

Anyway, I’ll post it to one of my websites soon and let you know.

Conference was very nice. Interestingly, the church has already uploaded three of the four public sessions onto iTunes, so I’ll be hearing it again soon.

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow.

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