Ice cream

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One having a little trouble with his ice cream a few months back at Greenfield Village. Wet cleanup on aisle three. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Eighteen.

First the important news: Loyal Reader Number Two is doing very well, thank you. As long as the pain medication keeps coming and he doesn’t try to do too much, he feels pretty good. He’ll lie low for at least a few more days.

Very busy day at work – it was pretty much meetings from start to finish. That’s what they pay me for. So I’m not complaining. Beats working. Wait a minute: maybe it doesn’t! I’ll have to try working one day and see which is actually better. I’ll let you know.

No other news. We do have a mild controversy. Regarding this fascinating research into what “faces” people prefer on their cars, can my Loyal Readers name some cars that look angry, happy, hungry, or some other emotion? And yes, hungry is definitely an emotion. Comment, Loyal Readers!

LRN1 recently wrote an interesting technical article on his blog. I recommend it to all my CS-minded Loyal Readers. Other Loyal Readers might just enjoy his blog in general.

I found a little more information on the Gravely Ford post from about a month ago – on Wikipedia, of course. It turns out the E. Clampus Vitus group is (apparently) for real, and they have their own year numbering scheme. Sounds like a worthwhile organization.

That’s it for tonight. See you tomorrow.

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