Canine art

Here’s a statue of a . . . umm . . . wolf? Dog? Coyote? Mongoose? Wolverine? Something else? Anway, it was wearing a yellow suit and the picture was taken in downtown Sacramento several months ago when we went to see Phantom of the Opera and is courtesy of the exclusive – and now retired – RAZR-cam. Part of my famous Statue series.

The blog is in bad shape, Great Art-wise. I’m really in barrel scraping mode. I need to get out more and not leave my camera at home so much. But mostly I need to get out more. Maybe Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, my late friend John’s memorial service is Saturday morning. We’ll attend, of course. He will be missed by his friends, who are many.

Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Twelve are coming over this weekend. Loyal Reader Number Six is staying behind for some much-needed Alone Time. We’ll miss him, but can’t argue with his logic.

Thanks to my Loyal Readers for their comments on yesterday’s controversy. What’s the scariest car you’ve ever seen? My answer: I’d have to say it’s a toss-up between the Aztek (link warning: I believe the car shown is the concept version that’s not nearly as ugly as the production model) and the Pacer. However, the Lincoln Versailles gave them both a run for their money.

Loyal Reader Number Two’s recovery continues to go well. The doctor warned us to expect a downturn on the third or fourth day, so we’re hoping things at least maintain. Keep those sympathy rays (and prayers, of course) coming.

I have a meeting with my friend Bill tonight, so I’m cutting out now. See you tomorrow.

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