Here’s a guy with a couple of horses. Don’t know the guy. Don’t know the horses. None of them are Loyal Readers. All I know is they’re all Early American. Picture taken this summer at Greenfield Village.

I’m delighted to hear about Loyal Reader Number One’s upcoming interview with Apple. Just getting an interview with such a major company as a freshman is quite an achievement by itself. We’ll hope for the best for him. Loyal Readers, start up your Encouragement Rays!

Stayed up too late last night help Loyal Reader Number Three with a little assembly language problem. I slept in this morning and missed the last train. So the Miata went to work today. The morning trip was kind of long, but I stayed at work late, so the afternoon trip was shorter than usual. I still would have preferred to ride the train, though.

I went to lunch with five co-workers at Chef Chu’s yesterday. We’ve been there a few times before. The food’s quite good, although the lunch portions are a little small. I’ll eat again, though. I had hot and sour soup, lemon chicken, and a nice big glass of water. Also a fortune cookie. It was fun to go out.

Speaking of which, Loyal Readers Numbers Two and Four and I are continuing our new family tradition on Saturday morning. We’re now going out for breakfast one Saturday a month. We haven’t talked about where to go this month, but I’m thinking of trying someplace new. Maybe 7-Up Johnny’s.

– Later –

Just spent several minutes talking with LRN1, helping him prepare for The Interview. We talked about the kinds of things they might ask and had a mock interview. He did fine. I hope he gets the job. If not, I just hope my “help” isn’t the thing that ruins it.

Loyal Reader Number Two is even better today than yesterday. He’s picking up a little school work now, but won’t be back to Seminary until Monday. It’s for the best.

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: Did L’Oreal really put the wrong colored dye in the box, or does the plaintiff’s original hair color explain why she couldn’t read the box? My answer: I have no opinion. None at all.

Extra credit question: If she was truly a natural blonde, why did she need the dye in the first place? My answer: I have no opinion.

See you tomorrow.

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