Here’s an odd bit of statuary in downtown Nice, France. Somebody actually paid for this. Possibly a lot of money. Part of my famous Statue series.

The weekend is here! As discussed before, Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Twelve are here. LRN12 is even cuter than on her last visit, if that’s possible. And it is. The pickup is at my friend Dave’s mechanic, as discussed before. His name is Vito. He does indeed work out of his barn, which is a beautiful, well-stocked, but very crowded building. His family invited us to dinner. I have high hopes for good work.

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to the weekend. I have a few computer software things to do and I would like to wash the Honda and the Sable. Otherwise, I’m pretty open.

Loyal Reader Number One called this afternoon. His interview with Apple appears to have gone very well, and he’s quite hopeful. He’s done everything he could do, so he should be pleased with himself whether he gets the job or not. Best of luck, LRN1!

Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Three called this evening. He’s thinking of buying a newer, bigger boat than the one he has now. Sounds like he’ll probably do it. Good luck with it, LRN23!

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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