Pollution interdite

Here’s an interesting sign in Cannes. Dog owners, be sure to interdite your pollution! Photo courtesy of my crummy old SiPix camera.

Weekend’s over, and it was a good one. I got only two things checked off my list – getting the Ranger’s transmission leak fixed and Loctiting the towel racks. Everything else has been pushed off to next weekend. I just didn’t feel like washing cars or cleaning filters or any of those other things. And I’m not at all sorry.

Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Twelve were here, as reported earlier, and they came bearing gifts, including a magazine featuring Loyal Reader Number Six’s father and his very cool sand rail, which is powered by a modified Cadillac drivetrain. It was a great article and looks like a very cool vehicle. Congrats, LRN6’s dad!

They also brought us some Mighty Putty (link warning: loud commercial featuring that annoying guy with the black beard), which LRN6 apparently happened upon at the store. I had seen the TV commercial about the stuff and had wondered aloud whether it really works. Now we can find out. Coincidentally, we received an issue of the Reader’s Digest containing an article documenting their test of various “as seen on TV” products, which included a test of Mighty Putty. They said it really does work great and their only complaint was of a vinegary odor while it dries. Now we just have to figure out what to fix. I’m thinking of breaking the handles off of some mugs so I can fabricate new ones. Loyal Reader Number Four’s not so sure about that, and since the goo was actually given to her, I need to tread lightly in this area.

Today’s Morrowlife Deep Question: What should I do with the Mighty Putty?

Morrowlife Financial Juggernaut update: I’m up to $6.34! Let’s see, how shall I spend the money?

Today’s controversy: Where do you think the cows have gone? My answer: Into an udder dimension.

Big celebration on Wednesday – it’ll be post number 600!

See you tomorrow.

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