Bobbling readers

Here are Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two posing as bobbleheads. Taken at Jellystone Park during a camping trip in Virginia long, long ago. Part of my famous Camping series.

That picture was in honor of LRN1’s 18th birthday. Happy birthday, LRN1! You haven’t changed a bit. You can now vote. Use this superpower wisely.

Worked like a dog. And not like Loyal Pet Number One, either. I prefer it the other way.

Thanks for the many thoughtful comments yesterday. I’ve decided to use the Mighty Putty to tow just the Suburban, but to do it uphill, and with the transmission in Park. Now there’s a challenge for you.

Maybe I should try it on somebody else‘s car first, though.

I’ve found the perfect job for any college-student Loyal Readers who aren’t able to get a great Apple gig next summer: Monkey Man! (Link warning: strange news report with sound.) We could use one on the ACE train.

Time for other things. See you tomorrow.

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