Cannes Christmas

Here’s Christmas in Cannes a few years back. Very festive.

Warm weather again today – we’re having another little heat wave. It’s supposed to be back above 90 degrees by Friday, with lows in the lower fifties. Then back to more standard highs/lows of 70s/40s within a couple more days. I’ve worn my light jacket a time or two lately because of the cool fall mornings.

Fall is definitely here. The tomato trucks are dropping tomatoes at all the street corners, and the pumpkin fields are pretty full. The corn maze has been open since the first if the month. I’d like to go one of these upcoming Mondays. Maybe next week.

No leaves down yet, though. Let’s not be ridiculous.

Who knew the Hubble Space Telescope’s computers were running Windows?

I’ve seen an old, rusty steam locomotive parked behind a building near Fremont. It’s visible from the train. I keep hoping to get a photograph, but I haven’t identified any waypoints nearby, so I keep missing it. Maybe tomorrow. I think it might turn out to be Great Art.

Loyal Reader Number Two took the PSAT this morning. He thinks it went pretty well. Good job, LRN2!

Speaking of LRN2, he’s still not feeling very well. He can’t eat without pain – even soft foods. Loyal Reader Number Four may check in with the doctor to see if he’s still on track, healing-wise.

Just in case Loyal Reader Number One can’t get the Monkey Man job with ACE, I have another opportunity for him: restaurant worker!

Loyal Reader Number Five wonders why we canceled our traditional Saturday morning breakfast the other day when they just happened to be there. There were no sinister motives, but thanks for the idea. Sadly, the state of LRN2’s throat was still not allowing him to take much solid food. The breakfast is merely postponed. We’re talking about the 25th now. Presumably, the nearby Loyal Readers will be here, and we can all go together.

I have to agree with Loyal Reader Number One’s observation about the Lazy Dog Inn (see yesterday’s comments). You might not want to leave your pet in their “Doggie Play Area” without checking it out pretty carefully.

Otherwise, no news from me. See you tomorrow.

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