Scooter rider

Here’s LRN4 in a slightly very dark picture of our Oahu-based scooters, posing beautifully in a beautiful location overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  It really is pretty in Hawaii.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive (and new that day) iPhone-cam and part of my Machinery and Vacation series.

Not much new to report.  We all got disgusted with our hosting service, so LRN1 finally called them (impersonating me – I wonder if there’s a reward for turning someone in for that) and asked what’s going on.  They told him we’re sharing a server with a busy website, so it’s slow for us.  The didn’t offer to move either us or the offending individual to a different server, but they did offer their new cloud-based service.  I have no idea whether they even know what the “cloud” is, but we signed up for it anyway.  The price is the same and they promise to scale up as we (and all their other clients, presumably) need more bandwidth, so it’s supposed to go from very slow to very fast.  It appears to be faster already, although GoDaddy’s account manager tells me the change is still pending.  Maybe that just means they’ve move some stuff over already but not other things.  In any case, it’s supposed to be totally transparent to me, so I have high hopes.  Not necessarily borne out by experience, but there you go.

Let’s see, what else is going on?  We’re making good progress with the app for our non-Loyal-Reader (ahem) friend Cliff.  LRN1 has had way more time than I have to work on it, so he has written a bunch more code than I have.  I haven’t been exactly sitting on my hands, though.  I have the Music Samples and Slide Show pages up and running, although they both need quite a bit more polish.  But they’re functional!  I expect we’ll have the app done within a week or so.  Then LRN1 is going to try his hand a porting it to Android.  Good luck with that, LRN1!

Speaking of LRN1, he was just informed today that he has a full-tuition scholarship for the Spring and Summer terms at BYU.  That’s in addition to his existing full-tuition scholarship that kicks back in for the Fall semester.  Congrats, LRN1!

Time for some shameless commerce.  LRN4 is thinking of buying an [amazon asin=B003NRWJR4&text=Android tablet] pretty soon.  She thinks she’d enjoying having one, and it would be very useful for us to test our Android apps, since we have no other Android devices in the house.  LRN3 has one, as does LRN5.  That’ll be very helpful too, but not as easy as having one right here.  So she might buy the one at the link.  What do you think?  If any of my Loyal Readers buy it (or anything else at Amazon after clicking on it), I’ll get a little kickback!  Buy, buy, buy, Loyal Readers!

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this combination shocking food violence news and exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity:  gorilla-attacking banana!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I look best in pictures with that kind of lighting!

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