Scout totem

Here’s a totem pole at scout camp.  I thought I was in Alaska for a minute there.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam and part of my famous Statue and Camping series.

The weekend has begun!  The holiday weekend has begun!  The nine-day-long vacation has begun!!  I’m feeling pretty good about things right now.

We’re not leaving until mid-day on Monday, and there are a ton of things to get done by then.  It’s good to be busy.  Of course, there are the filters – my eternal weekend companions.  Fortunately, I enjoy working on them.  Then there are a few things to get done on the iPhone project, stake Young Men stuff to do, a nasty-sounding squeak under the Suburban’s hood to take care of before the campout starts, gas to buy for my car and the truck, my car to wash, software updates to do for the Arduino project, and the trailer to be checked out and washed.  Plus about a million other things.  It’s good to be busy.  As I said.

I made my list of things to take camping last night.  It’s about forty items long, six or seven of which are clothing.  The rest are electronics, books, and a few odds and ends.  Must be prepared.

Honestly, I really have a lot of things planned to do during the campout.  I have four or five books to read, a few magazines to read, and some electronics to design.  Plus geocaching to do, hikes to take, campfires to sit around, dutch oven meals to make, and naps to take.  And probably broken things to fix, if history is any predictor.  I can hardly wait.  The weather is looking good, spirits are high, and we’re not quite ready to go.

I saw a link to an article on the most significant architecture since 1980.  It’s right here.  My only comment: if that’s the best they can do, it’s time to quit trying.  So here’s a special Morrowlife poll: which one of these buildings is the worst of the lot?  It’ll be a tough decision, I can assure you.  Vote early, vote often!

And I think I’ll quit and get ready for bed.  Reminder: no posts next week – we’ll be in the mountains getting lots of Great Art.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: ice cream wars!

See you in a week.

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