Shady river

Here’s the river at Clark’s Fork. Ahhh.

No post yesterday. There was a Boy Scout Court of Shame Honor, to which I went directly from work, followed by a quick trip home for a fifteen-minute dinner, followed by a return to the church for the Wednesday evening meeting, followed by a trip back home, followed by bed. So no post.

Thanks as always to Anonymous, who always notices my absences and appears to have become one of my very most Loyal Readers. Maybe I should put him/her over there on the right as LRN26. But I won’t. I have a feeling good ol’ Anon is already on that list somewhere.

Nothing interesting to report today. Got up, went to work (longish trip), worked, had a nice holiday luncheon with the group at a local Thai restaurant (great food, which I can still taste), worked a little more, and came home. Had dinner with Loyal Reader Number Two, with whom I am home alone this evening, Loyal Readers Numbers One and Four being at The Theater (they’re seeing A Christmas Carol, I believe), watched The Mouse That Roared, and now we’re watching Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. Excellent night at the movies, I must say.

This morning’s long trip was at least partially due to a little truck accident. One of those execrable dirt-hauling trucks had apparently been driving way too fast, as usual, this time on a freeway entrance ramp. When I got there, it was lying on its side with dirt all over the ramp. It didn’t directly affect freeway traffic, but it was slow anyway. Sigh. I hope the driver was unharmed and loses his license. Along with all the other jerks who drive those trucks. Or something like that.

Tomorrow’s my off Friday. But I’m working. Sigh.

See you tomorrow.

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