Girl and grandma

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve with her grandma. I’m not sure which one is having a better time.

Loyal Reader Number Four and I went to the Primary Christmas dinner this evening. It was very nice and was fun to be out with some friends. We had chicken with pasta and Alfredo sauce and a very nice Italian salad. There was a white elephant gift exchange. For a brief time, I was the proud owner of a plastic pooping reindeer, but somebody stole it (which was allowed, by the way). Sigh. We got some nice towels instead. They’ll be perfect for making bread rise. But they don’t simulate pooping, so they’re not nearly as good.

Loyal Readers Numbers One and Four had a great time at The Theatre last night. LRN4 reports that the scenery alone was worth the ticket price. Although she does have to admit that the price to her was zero. Still, somebody (Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Four’s family, to be specific) paid for that ticket, and it was worth it. Thanks, Loyal Friends!

Let’s see what’s ahead of us for the weekend, shall we?

We have another party tomorrow night – this time for the whole ward. We’re cooking and bringing a ward-provided turkey, so that’s a good indication the food ought to be pretty good.

The calendar also calls for us to put up the outdoor lights. However, that was taken care of yesterday by Loyal Readers Numbers One, Two, and Four. Nothing left to do there.

LRN4 and I are going to look at our Christmas present situation sometime tomorrow and try to get any remaining shopping done.

I need to replace the headrest speakers in the Miata. I think the new stereo was a little too powerful for the factory speakers, and they don’t appear to be any good anymore. They shouldn’t be too hard to replace. I also need to put some foam or something similar between the new speakers and the doors. There’s a little buzz in there somewhere.

What else? Well, I still need to finish the robot, do the rest of the Android tutorials, and rip the rest of the Home Improvement DVDs. With the new hard disk, I have plenty of room for them now.

The cold water faucet on my bathroom sink seems to be falling apart. Gotta get that thing fixed.

And I’m sure lots of other things will come along. Fortunately, my friend Jim is feeling better, so I don’t need to prepare a Sunday School lesson. I enjoyed teaching for a couple of weeks, though, so his good fortune is my slight misfortune. Alas, but there will be other opportunities.

LRN2 wants me to do some scientific research and figure out who Anonymous is. I think I’ll let it go, though. Life must have some mystery, after all. Stay anonymous if you like, Anon!

Have a great weekend. See you on Monday.

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