Another head in hole

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two sticking his head through a hole in a tree. Those two just can’t seem to get enough of sticking their heads through holes in trees. It guess it’s better to have a head in a hole than a hole in your head. Har har.

I need to get a little more Blog Fodder again. Fortunately, the holidays are coming up, the family members are coming to town, and work is closing for several days. Plenty of photo opportunities, no doubt.

Stupidly, I forgot to bring my camera to a few recent events that would probably have resulted in something blog-worthy. Such as Loyal Reader Number Two’s organ concert (did I mention he was the highlight of the show?) and possibly the ward Christmas party. Sigh. My Loyal Readers expect better.

Well, let’s cheer back up and see how the weekend went. First, the success/failure list:

Ward party and turkey: check, sort of. We watched the time carefully on Saturday and made sure we were home in plenty of time to put the turkey in the oven so it would finish cooking in plenty of time. No problem. Strangely, though, Loyal Reader Number Four discovered about an hour and a half before we were supposed to be at the party with a cooked turkey that somebody had turned off the oven at an unknown time. We had no idea how cooked or uncooked the bird was. She immediately turned it back on and we took it out of the oven at about our scheduled departure time. We did a little exploratory slicing and it looked done all the way through, so we sliced it up and took it to church – only about half an hour late. It all worked out and, as far as we know, nobody has died from eating it. In fact, most people weren’t even sick the next day. So all’s well.

Christmas shopping: check. We’re either done or essentially done. Phew.

Miata headrest speakers: no check. Never even looked at it. I need to find some speakers of the appropriate size, power rating, and price online and get them ordered. Then we can talk about installation. In the meantime, the buzz continues.

Robot, Android tutorials, and DVD ripping: no check, no check, and no check. They were just too low on the priority list. Maybe next weekend. The DVDs will have to be ripped no later than then; I want to return them to Loyal Reader Number Six when they’re here for Christmas.

Cold water faucet: check. Actually, LRN4 did it for me before the weekend ever started. I just hadn’t noticed it yet when Friday’s blog was written. Thanks, LRN4!

Sunday School lesson: check. I did it after all. My friend Jim had a serious relapse, and I got a call on Sunday morning. Prepared it, gave it, had a good time. Next week, I have to teach Gospel Principles, so there’s more preparation to do. Fortunately, I enjoy doing it. A lot.

Financial juggernaut update: I’m up to 26 cents and one click! Many thanks to whoever clicked. Nothing can stop me now! Riches! Power! Et cetera!

We had some rain overnight, and the morning commute showed it. It was dry the rest of the day, but they’re predicting rain just about every day until Christmas. Sigh.

See you tomorrow.

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