Birthday present

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve opening her enormous pile of birthday presents a month ago. I found the birthday pictures on my camera yesterday. Oops.

Rainy day again today, so Greetings from the Train. It rained all night and much of the day, but appeared to be clearing when I walked out the door this afternoon. I still think we’re expecting rain the rest of the week. I’ll be on the train a lot. And glad to be there.

The train was pretty empty this morning, but seems quite full this afternoon. Where did all these people come from? The other strange thing is that enough people got off the lightly-populated train this morning to entirely fill our shuttle bus, with one person (my friend and co-worker Dan, as it turns out) standing in the aisle. Strange.

It was also raining hard enough for water to be pouring in through the two roof vents on the bus, which is an old Hertz shuttle they maintain just enough to keep it from falling completely apart on the freeway. Most of the parts appear to still be there, but they don’t necessarily work. The only good thing it has going for it is that it’s big enough that when it eventually careens out of control, we’ll probably squish all the other cars without getting hurt ourselves. Thank heaven for that.

Anyway, it was raining inside the bus this morning almost as hard as outside.

I’m working short days this week to burn up my remaining comp hours, which are now down to about three. I especially want to go home early on Thursday, of course. If I’m on the train, though, I can’t really leave earlier than about 3:00, so that will have to be good enough. I don’t even want to think about trying to drive home on Thursday afternoon in the rain with the holiday traffic getting out of town. So it’s the train for me.

Nothing else significant to report today. See you tomorrow.

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