Dog bed

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve in Loyal Pet Number One’s bed. She really takes over. Drives the dog nuts. Photo courtesy of the exclusive RAZR-cam.

Greetings from home! I felt like taking the sports car this morning and the train tomorrow, so that’s what I did. There was no rain after all on either leg of the voyage, so it went quickly. I’m off the train again tomorrow too – need to take Fluffy’s old home to work so somebody can take a look with the idea of buying it. The Fluffinator has grown so much she needed a new home, which she received as an early Christmas present. Hence, the old one has to go.

I got home a full two hours tonight before my Wednesday evening meeting starts. Plenty of time for a leisurely dinner and a little blogging. The boys are out caroling as this month’s YM/YW combined activity. Sounds like fun. They’re finishing up at the amazingly-decorated house in town. Loyal Reader Number One and I went to look at it on Sunday evening while the boys were at Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Four’s birthday get-together. It’s pretty cool. LRN4 told me the backstory of the house is that the guy’s wife was criticizing him for being something of a grinch, so he decided to reform in a big way. Mission accomplished.

Plans are firming up for the holiday break. Here’s a brief list:

– Finish the mousebot.

– Finish the Android tutorials and maybe try to make something interesting.

– Install the garage door insulation purchased today by LRN4.

– Do all the things on the Christmas calendar (museums, film festivals, cookie baking, etc.).

– Maybe help Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve move (the place by the cemetery isn’t working out for them).

– Replace the Miata’s headrest speakers.

– Do some reading.

– Finish ripping all the Home Improvement DVDs for my iPod.

– Maybe make something fun with the Arduino (mousebot v.2?).

– Play with my toys!

Only one more work day left!

As you can see, I’m out of material tonight. See you tomorrow.

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