Here’s a Sequoia among some of its shorter cousins. Sequoia is the only word I can think of right now that contains all the vowels, not to mention that it has only two consonants. Can any of my Loyal Readers come up with any other all-vowel words?

The work year is over! I got home this afternoon at about 2:00 and have enjoyed the start of the Christmas break. I’ve already gotten a couple of little things done, as suggested by Loyal Reader Number Four. We took down and put away the crib and set up the new inflatable bed in the game/sewing/exercise room, and we fixed the white chair.

Part of the chair’s frame had broken, rendering it pretty much useless as a place to sit, even if it superficially didn’t look any worse than before. The springs were attached to this part, making it difficult to just replace. Instead, we made another piece, which we glued and bolted to the broken one. Then we screwed the whole thing back into its original position. It seems pretty solid and we think it’s back to normal. I don’t recommend my Loyal Readers jump on it, though.

I managed to escape from the chair job with only a cut on one fingertip, a puncture wound on the back of the same finger, and a knuckle rubbed raw. Not bad.

I’ve also ripped three of the remaining twelve Home Improvement DVDs. Gotta get those things done before their owner is ready to take them back home, which will happen in just a few days.

We have a new Loyal Reader! Welcome to Tom, our good friend and Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Four’s dad. Your new identity is Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Six. Check out your very own name over there on the right on the actual Internet! Wow.

And check out the web page LRN26 pointed to in yesterday’s comment. We have one of their switches controlling our outside lights – it’s a programmable timer that turns off a predetermined time after you turn it on (you can also turn it off whenever you choose, of course). It’s high-quality, easy to install and program, and perfect for our outdoor lighting. Highly recommended. Loyal Reader Number Four has some indoor applications in mind and I didn’t know about the indoor switches shown on LRN26’s Friends and Family website. We’re going to have to order a few of them. Thanks for letting my Loyal Readers in on the great deal, LRN26! Very cool products.

I have a couple of ideas for games to write for Android. Remember the card games called War and Crazy Eights? Neither one seems too difficult to write, and the great thing about War is that the computer could play it entirely by itself. Thus saving a lot of time. Loyal Reader Number One is busily working on an SMS application, which is a bit more practical but not much more fun, if you ask me. I think he’ll have something running long before I do. But maybe not.

No more tonight. Lots going on tomorrow. See you then.

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