Here are a couple of tough hombres. Stay out of their way.

Had to work about seven hours today, which was kind of high for my off Friday. Still, I got home pretty early and have had a pleasant afternoon and evening playing with various computers. I got a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) setup running on the Computer on a Dime. Installed MediaWiki and got it running as well. Thanks to Loyal Reader Number One for a few pointers he was able to give based on his experience getting the same software to run on his laptop earlier today. I must say, though, that mine runs a bit faster than his old relic. I wonder why his machine doesn’t like to serve web pages so much.

The Pool People were here and not only cleaned up (a very nice job, I’m pleasantly surprised to say), but they also installed all the equipment. They tell us by this time next week we’ll have a finished pool full of water! Jubilation reigns. The only downside is that, according to California law, I have to have these stupid alarms on each of the doors leading outside of the house that make an incredibly loud noise every time anyone opens them unless the happen to remember to push a reset button. They will definitely be installed on the doors during the time of the inspection on Monday.

The Crating People did show up yesterday and they took a whole lot of boxes away with them. Good riddance. Now we’ll probably need a moving box next week. I’ll bet we could scrounge one up if we really tried, though.

Time for bed. See you on Monday.

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