Here’s Loyal Reader Number Eighteen helping to put down a rebellion. Good work, LRN18! We have high hopes for the Union.

I have no memory of the weekend, so it will be a little hard to report. Except that the high priests group social was an unqualified success. Which I guess makes me an unqualified host.

Also, I vaguely recall staying up way too late every night. One of those nights, I was getting my Sudoku-solving program running. It’s just a command line thing, but it solves at least one puzzle. Remaining work: make the puzzle input file name a command line argument, test it against a bunch more puzzles, and clean it up for publication on Gardenville. And publish it, of course.

Sunday was As Usual. Loyal Reader Number Two did a musical number with a non-Loyal-Reader friend. She played the flute, he played the piano. Her performance was very nice. His was flawless. Great job, LRN2! Also, choir has started back up. The group was small but fun, and we started a nice song we’re going to perform in September.

Plans for are coming along well. Rather than going to the trouble of actually making any products, I’m planning to make tons of money simply by generating a lot of Internet buzz. The idea is to make my site extremely valuable simply because of all the traffic it gets. Then I sell the site. To that end, I’m planning to make a bunch of spinfo t-shirts. The first one will go to Loyal Reader Number Three as part of my sponsorship package of his archery efforts. He’s gotten on the ASU Archery Team, and apparently he can get sponsorships. So I’m sending him five bucks and a t-shirt. Fortunately, he works cheap. The juggernaut rolls on!

LRN3 is our immediate family’s first Student Athlete at the collegiate level (link note: There’s absolutely no proof that LRN3 is that tall “X” guy in the middle. None whatsoever.).

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: Should the mayor of this Australian town have chosen his words a little more carefully? My opinion: Oh, yeah.

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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