Here’s a river. Picture taken . . . umm . . . somewhere in California. It was certainly a beautiful place, wherever it was. Part of my Camping series.

How nice to hear from Loyal Reader Number Sixteen yesterday. It was the Great Art that did the trick, as usual.

Bought a truck today. It’s a 2001 Ford Ranger (link note: this isn’t the actual truck, but it looks just like this one). It’s an extended cab XLT with all the normal power stuff (windows, locks, mirrors, etc.). It has the 3.0 liter engine with automatic transmission. Not much power – 150 ponies – but it’ll be okay. It’s in great – though not perfect – shape and was an absolute steal. I’m planning to pick it up tomorrow. It will stay in Sunnyvale and be my station car. It can come home when a pickup is needed, of course.

The Taurus is going to Loyal Reader Number Three, if he wants it and will come get it. He’ll decide within a few days, I expect. Otherwise, it will probably go as a gift to our non-Loyal-Reader friends here in Lardville. If they want it. Otherwise, we’ll sell it or something. Loyal Reader Number One might be slightly sad to see his first car go, but he has indicated he expects the trauma to be slight. I remember being delighted to get my first car (link warning – very hard to hear commercial audio) and even more delighted to see it go.

Today’s controversy: Who could have seen this coming? My answer: Me. And you. And just about every other living being, including plants. But not the press. By the way, didn’t somebody already ‘fess up on his deathbed to making up the whole Sasquatch thing? Of course, Yetis are a completely different story. They’re totally true.

See you tomorrow.

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