Odd faces

Here’s one more look at that bizarre statue in downtown Sacramento. I have no idea how much they paid for this, but they didn’t get their money’s worth. Poorly-lit photo courtesy of the exclusive RAZR-cam. And part of my famous Statue series, of course.

The pickup‘s here! Well, not exactly here. Technically, it’s in Sunnyvale right now. It’s waiting for me to get home from my various vacations. I do have the key and the owner’s manual here, though. Already read the manual. Of course.

I like the truck very much. It needs to be detailed inside and out, but everything works great and it will look great soon.

Vacation starts tomorrow. No posts Thursday or Friday – they haven’t extended the Intertubes into the woods yet, as far as I know. Posting will probably be limited next week, although I expect our non-Loyal-Reader relatives in Utah will have some kind of network to which we can connect. If so, there will be posts. If not, you’re on your own, Loyal Readers. Stay tuned.

And there’s not much more to say tonight. Had a nice day. Commuted, worked, ate, participated in a panel discussion, ate, worked, commuted, ate, read the owner’s manual, ate, and watched a little TV. The usual.

Have a great weekend. See you … umm … soon.

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