Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve getting ready to go down the slide. Her baby (that’s the object in her right hand) went down first and LRN12 followed. She had fun. We all had fun. Except for Loyal Pet Number One – she was tied to a tree.

Drove the Miata today. It was yet another warm, beautiful day and I wanted to do a little open-air motoring. It turned out to be pretty much perfect in the afternoon, and I kept the top up in the morning. The only minor problem was that I had put the top down during the afternoon when I had to go to another building for a meeting, and there was quite heavy dew on everything when I left the building this afternoon. It was on the inside of the windshield and took a little while to get out of there. Can’t complain, though. Traffic was heavy in some places and light in others. Pretty average day, in other words.

Worked, ate, read, commuted, et cetera. Nice day.

More toilet news. Don’t let the scammers fool you – let the toilet flush itself.

Speaking of which, I firmly believe there’s a special spot in hell reserved for the worthless scum who steal from old people.

So there’s that.

I’ve noticed that Loyal Reader Number One hasn’t posted to his blog for a week or so. It’s harder than it looks, isn’t it, LRN1?

No controversy, no poetry. My Loyal Readers will have to be satisfied with the poetry in the comments.

See you tomorrow.

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