Dolphin rider

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve riding a dolphin. Which is something you don’t see every day. Picture taken on Saturday at the park near the Secret Undisclosed Location. Picture also courtesy of the exclusive Treo-cam.

LRN12 came over for several hours on Saturday while her parents went to a movie and did some other things. She’d been asking to come to Grandma’s house for a few days and they relented. The four of us (Loyal Reader Number Four, LRN12, Loyal Pet Number One, and I) walked over to the park for quite a while in the afternoon.

Otherwise, the weekend was fairly quiet. Saturday, I bought more stuff for the rocket launcher and then never got around to trying to fix it yet again. I’m discouraged. So much for my unbreakable oaths. We did a little shopping, picked up the Suburban (but not the trailer yet), got a new fish from our favorite pond store (a nice big koi – very pretty), and did a few other memorable things I don’t remember right now.

Sunday was average. Lots of time at choir practice.

Toilet news continues to pour in. So to speak. In the latest episode, we learn of the dangers of a combination of pyromania and deodorization. Don’t let this happen to you. Especially in a train.

And of course we can’t forget Destiny’s New Toilet. Yes, we’re flush with toilet news.

Thanks to all my Loyal Readers who are participating in the Virtual Poetry Slam. Here’s another entry:

Insightful comments
Great art and controversy
The Morrowlife blog

Or, if you don’t like that one:

Inane, dumb writing
Today’s Great Art is blurry
Why do I read it?

Take your pick. I like the first one, of course. Although I wrote both. So they’re both Great Works of Art.

Today’s controversy: Pick a poem. Choose wisely, Loyal Readers.

See you tomorrow.

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