Pool shark

Here’s a rare appearance of Your Humble Webmaster, playing one of my favorite games at Baikonur. Loyal Reader Number One happened to mention his enjoyment of the game the other day, so I thought I’d hop on the bandwagon.

I hope all my Loyal Readers are following the virtual Poetry Slam (link warning: pathetic talking) I’ve got going in the comments section.LRN1 added an excellent Haiku yesterday. Keep the Great Word-Related Art coming, Loyal Readers.

Speaking of poetry, I downloaded the Haiku operating system last night and installed it on my virtual machine. It’s a development of BeOS and appears to be basically a flavor of Unix. There’s not much there, but it works. Slowly.

Fine day today, although I spent a good five hours working. The good news: I got all the performance appraisals done! I also rebuilt the water rocket launcher. It still doesn’t work. It looks like it’s an o-ring problem this time. I need to go back to Home Depot tomorrow and try a slightly smaller one. The trouble is that I might have cut the o-ring groove too deep for the new one and I’ll have to do some more cutting and gluing. Sigh. I am determined to get that thing working right or die. Well, maybe “…get that thing working right or cry” would be a little more realistic.

No other accomplishments to speak of today. Although the night is still young. Maybe I can still do a little reading.

Watched a little bit of golf on TV while I was working. There was a women’s tournament in Guadalajara, Mexico. Those ladies are really good. Golf is real easy to watch while you’re doing something else. Probably because nothing much happens.

Following up on my recent series of transportation-related toilet issues, here’s some news my Loyal Readers can almost certainly use. I wonder if some enterprising passenger was trying to kill the power with excessive flushing. Not generally a good idea on an airplane.

See you on Monday.

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