Tom and Monique

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Six and his non-Loyal-Reader spouse at the recent ward Halloween party. Question: What were they going as?

Moderately long day. As predicted, I got up at 4:00 to catch the uber-early train. I needed to put in a minimum of nine and a half hours, which was easily done in plenty of time for the 4:45 train. Home at 6:30.

Tomorrow’s Off Friday! The trailer’s going in to the shop early for brake and axle work. The water rocket launcher needs to be rebuilt to eliminate its unfortunate leak. I’m thinking of trying an o-ring for the bottle seal this time, as opposed to the heat-and-deform method I used before. Don’t know whether I can produce a straight, even groove without the proper power tool, though.

Let’s see, what else is on the weekend agenda? The pool and pond filters are probably good to go another couple of weeks. The lawn may need a quick trim – need to check it in the light tomorrow.

I definitely need to get some Work done. There’s the normal preparation for and conducting of the 10:00 meeting, of course. There’s the preparation for an upcoming financial audit. And then there are the Performance Appraisals. I’m WAY behind on those things, and we just got approval to hand them out next week. So I need to get them finished up. The Quiet Home Atmosphere should make it a lot easier to get through all those babies.

Heavy fog this morning, all the way from Lardville to Sunnyvale. Since both of my drives are on lightly-traveled secondary roads, I suffered no ill effects traffic-wise, and I certainly do enjoy a foggy morning.

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: Are young musicians really smarter? And if so, do music lessons make you smarter or does intelligence make you a good musician?

Thanks to Loyal Reader Number Two for his excellent poetry the last couple of days. Recommendation: Try Haiku today.

See you tomorrow.

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