Small cache

Here’s LRN2 finding a geocache in front of the grocery store near Dos Reis. Incredibly, part of my famous Camping series. Given where the cache was, I think we’ll call it part of my famous Machinery series too.

Another warm, sunny day. I didn’t see much of it. Had customers in from 9:00 until about 2:30, then a meeting from 2:30 until 3:00, then a meeting from 3:00 until about 4:00, then about 20 minutes of work. Then the trip home.

Fortunately, the meetings went well. Our customers were pleased with the presentation we gave them and I think it was a success.

I haven’t heard from LRN3 yet. Let’s hope his music job turned out to be what he hoped for. Drop a note, LRN3!

I’m hoping to have a few minutes this evening to do a little more work on Shemp, the downstairs TV. Need to reinstall the video codecs so it can play the content stored on Larry. I was disappointed to discover that iTunes refuses to allow the user to share video content across the LAN. Music, yes; video, no. Stupid iTunes. I may have to copy some or all of the content to Shemp. Sheesh.

Anyway. No other plans tonight except for Young Women phone calls and reading. Should be pleasant.

Today’s food violence news: Sometimes you just have to get the job done. And who better to do it?

See you tomorrow.

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