Dream show

Here’s the first ever Boxee-based TV show played by Joe, my beloved AppleTV. Jeannie, of course. Featuring cameo appearances by Loyal Readers Numbers One, Three, Five, and Fifteen.

Happy Seis de Mayo! I plan to celebrate the same way as I did yesterday. Not much. Not anything, in fact.

Decent day. The rain has stopped again, possibly for good this summer. Did I mention I drove the convertible to my short stay at work yesterday? Got drizzled on for a while. The windshield wipers ran but I stayed dry. It was actually pretty nice – kept it from being too warm and was kind of pleasant.

Anyway. I was informed last night that LRN3 has scored a part-time music gig, working on recording, mixing, and playing the guitar in the recording studio. From the sound of things, they do some kind of religious music, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Good luck, LRN3! When the part-time jobs clouds start raining, they sometimes pour.

LRN3 was planning to start the music gig last night. How did it work out, LRN3? Was it what you expected?

Anyway. I had an interesting experience on the train this morning. There’s a woman who frequently rides her power chair onto my favorite car. She was there this morning. I overheard her telling the fare inspector she had forgotten her snack this morning and she needed to eat right away (turns out she’s diabetic). The inspector had no food, so I dug my delicious peanut butter granola bar out and offered it to her. She accepted it.

The inspector offered to pay me for the bar, which I declined. She offered to buy me a sandwich at the Fremont station, which I also declined. I was just happy to help somebody in need. A little later, the inspector brought me a free pass for this afternoon’s ride. I accepted it with thanks. What a pleasant way to start the day!

Going to the branch’s Elders Quorum presidency meeting this evening. I haven’t been in a while, and they seem to have changed the time to accommodate my schedule, so I’d better go. I’m responsible for helping them, so I want to be there anyway.

Today’s part-time job opportunity: Hold the world’s best Odd Day celebration. There’s easy money.

LRN1 has suggested a novel way to get my long-sought-after glowing snake: have LPN2 eat a glowing puppy. Might be a little expensive, but it’s an idea. LRN4 fears it might just end up as glowing snake poop, though. That would be cool too, of course.

See you tomorrow.

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