Spectral reader

Here’s the spectral image of LRN2, haunting the camera at the Miller house ruins at Mt. Madonna County Park. Part of my famous Camping series. Pretty spooky.

Nice day. We had a few unfortunate discoveries at work today, but that’s why we test things. And at least we found them in our testing and not on our aircraft. So it was a nice day. Also sunny and pleasantly warm.

The internet died for us this evening for about half an hour. It finally came back up just as I reached the person at Comcast who could help me. Typical. Dumb old Comcast. I wish there were a reasonable alternative. And they are well aware there isn’t. The most aggravating thing was that as soon as I was finished complaining about the poor service, she tried to sell me more. Unbelievable.

Anyway. I went to the branch’s Elders Quorum presidency meeting this evening, only to find out they held it two hours earlier. Oh well. It gave me some time to go home and fight with Comcast. Also to change me clothes and relax at home a little. No complaint. I’ll meet with the presidency again next week.

There’s important toilet news today: Keep your arms out of the toilet. Let the tooth go. Actually, I can’t think of any toilet I would want to stick my arm in less than one at the ballpark.

I subscribed to a bunch of new podcasts yesterday. The church has started an internet radio station called the Mormon Channel. They have some original programming and are getting some other stuff from BYU, Bonneville Media, Deseret Book, and various other LDS-related sources. Their original shows are also available as podcasts. So I subscribed. Haven’t heard any of them yet, but I’m positive I’ll enjoy them. Recommended, sight unseen. Or sound unheard, I guess.

They’re also releasing an iPhone app Real Soon Now that streams Mormon Radio live. Very cool. Plus, you can embed it on your Facebook page or elsewhere, like this:

if (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget(‘ff7ad2be-625d-4fe6-924a-9c9fbba8e229’);Get the Mormon Channel widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox!

Give it a listen!

Anyway. Time for other things. See you tomorrow.

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