Penguin TV

Here’s a screenshot of Tux sitting on an AppleTV, part of the wonder that is the AppleTV Boxee installation. Part of my famous Machinery series.

Lame Great Art, I know. It’s late and I need to get to bed. So no searching my voluminous archives for actual Great Art tonight.

Well. It appears the Comcast people employ a web crawler to search for negative comments about their service. Check out yesterday’s comments. Kind of creepy, no? As if that guy just happened to be reading my blog on the day I happened to discuss a problem I had with Comcast’s service. Can we at least give the guy credit for trying to be polite and helpful? Possibly, but I must say I’m a little put off by the friendly act. And by the fact that they’re looking in the first place. Loyal Reader comments? Creepy or nice?

Work went well. Sadly, it appears there was a T-38 crash on the base today. I haven’t heard any details yet, other than what’s on the public internet. I hope the crew was rescued. We were grounded this evening for a day or two while they do whatever they have to do.

Attended a Stake scout Court of Honor. It was sparsely attended (we were the only ones from our ward other than a member of the Stake YM presidency) but nice. We were glad to be there.

Also got Moe set up properly again as a Linux server. I got a JBOD-like setup going, using a product called LVM. It was a little complex to do, but there was a great online tutorial, and it’s working great. I now have a 200GB virtual root partition made out of a 40GB, an 80GB, and a 100Gb disk. Yes, I know there are 20GB missing, but that’s taken up in the additional partitions and in some extra space in each of the disks for buffering. Or something like that. Don’t bother me with details.

I also set up Moe so I can connect to its X server directly from my Mac, which means I can execute programs on Moe from Curly’s desktop, without dealing with the excessive overhead of VNC. Plus, they look just like Mac programs, which is pretty cool. I’m moving development of the Arduino simulator over to Moe. At least that’s the plan right now.

Now here’s a cause I think my Loyal Readers can get behind. Remember: Just because nothing really happened, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something. We’re all Roanoakians now.

In today’s toilet news, the internet comes to our rescue once again: we no longer have to worry about missing the best part of the movie to answer the call of nature. What will they think of next?

I’ve offered a dollar to the first of LRN1 and LRN2 who can figure out a movie quote. So far, nobody has claimed the prize. So I’m opening it up to all my Loyal Readers (except for LRN4, to whom I already revealed the answer). What movie does this line come from:

“The remuneration at first will be small; we’re a growing concern.”

See you tomorrow.

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