Here’s a nice little island at Chabot park. Part of my famous Camping series.

Well, another work week comes to an end. Spent the evening quietly at home. Enjoyed every quiet minute of it. We skipped adult dance instruction at the church this evening. Turns out we preferred a quiet evening at home.

LRN1 has decided to change the development system for the MARV from the Arduino’s IDE to Cocoa, using some libraries provided by the Arduino people and a toolkit called Crosspack, which is an AVR cross-compiler provided by some third party. I’m probably going to get my machine set up to do the same thing, just so I can keep up with events. I’ll probably drop my Arduino simulator in favor of a native Mac or Linux navigation program that can be recompiled for the Arduino. Must remain flexible.

In today’s food violence news, the gorillas are getting restless. Keep your bananas locked up.

Still no winners in my Dollar Movie Challenge. Still no entrants, for that matter. What’s up, Loyal Readers?

Monday is Memorial Day – three-day weekend! See you then.

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