Wedding day

Here are LRN3 and LRN15 getting married. A few years old, but still a good picture.

No post yesterday. Holiday. Plus, I was busy goofing around. I trust my Loyal Readers somehow survived. Thanks to Anon for missing me.

And we’re going to have Extreme Short Shrift today – it’s Massive Meeting Tuesday. I’ll be there from 7:00 until at least 10:00. And I’m already sleepy here on the train. So I took a nice, long nap.

Nice weekend. We bought a new antique dresser for me. It was in pretty good shape but needed refinishing, which LRN4 has already started to do. She had just finished her desk chair (which looks great), and she was going to start some upholstery projects, but they’re on hold for a while. My old dresser is pretty rickety, although it still looks pretty good. I think it’s going into the guest room when my new one is ready.

Spent a lot of time getting a bunch of new TV shows for Larry and Joe the AppleTV. I selected a bunch of podcasts and started them downloading. Had to pause them with about a hundred left to go when Larry’s hard disk filled up. I’m relocating Larry’s iTunes library to the terabyte disk and will let it resume the download when that’s done (i.e. when I have a few minutes free). When it’s all done, Larry will have a thousand podcast episodes for our viewing convenience. Should last a little while.

Any toilet news today? Why, yes: stay out of my pool.

And for any Loyal Readers still looking for that special summer work opportunity: Go to Maine.

See you tomorrow.

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