Statue guy

I don’t think I’ve shown this one here before. It’s a statue guy on a pharmacy in Trier.

Check out the updates to the book club. I just finished Right Ho, Jeeves, by P.G. Wodehouse. What a hilarious book! I had read it before, of course, but the plot is so clever and amusing that I’m surprised and delighted every time. It’s a definite Must Read.

I’m now working on Psmith in the City, also by Wodehouse. I haven’t read any of his Psmith (pronounced Smith – the P is silent, as in psychology) books before, but I’ve heard say they’re his funniest. If so, I’m really going to enjoy this.

I dumped some of the other books from the list. They were library books that needed to be returned before my current trip is over, so I left them home and Shannon kindly returned them for me. Besides, I just couldn’t bring myself to read some of them, and that’s a sure sign that I should return them. I may be a half-wit, but it would take a quarter-wit to not figure that out eventually

It looks like I’ll have the weekend off – the spacecraft is doing great, so there’s not much to do until the launch vehicle people are ready for us on Monday (we hope). I haven’t decided what to do on Saturday yet. There’s always Disney (link warning – happy, peppy Disney music), which is much better if you have a friend to go with you. However, I’ve gone there alone in the past and still enjoyed it. I might be able to get some new photographic fodder for the blog there. I could also go on a swamp tour, which I’ve never done before. There’s also the possibility of lounging around the condo, walking on the beach, and generally being idle. That sounds pretty decent too. Of course, it’s general conference this weekend, so I also want to catch some of all of it.

Time for bed. Nighty-night.

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