Here are Reader Number One and an younger scout working on dinner at a recent campout. It may look like they were in the wild, but we were actually in the church parking lot. Close to home though we may have been, I think we had fun.

Well, it’s official – I have the whole weekend off. Unless somebody calls and they need me, of course. Whatever will I do? How will I spend the precious time other than listening to general conference? It still remains to be seen. Reader Number One is suggesting the swamp boat ride with large alligator viewing as a major goal. I have to admit that sounds attractive. Maybe it will happen. One thing is for certain, though – I need to take some good pictures. I don’t have my full photo collection here in Florida, and the pickings are getting pretty slim.

I also need to look into the Brevard County Manatees schedule. I need to see a ball game or two while I’m here.

We’re worried that we might have to work every future weekend day during this campaign except for Easter Sunday. That would be a shame, but if it keeps our launch on schedule, we’ll do it gladly. Time will tell.

Had dinner tonight at the Tokyo Japanese restaurant. It’s a Benihana clone. The food was good and plentiful. I tried the sushi. It’s definitely good, but not as good as at Thai Thai, which is the current reigning champion of Cocoa Beach.

I finished my bottle of pina colada V8 Splash Smoothie and opened the strawberry-banana one. Yum! The only thing better would be if I had someone to share it with. However, all the Valued Readers I know of hate the stuff. So I guess it’s just as well that I have it all to myself. And that the company paid for it.

See you on Monday, with a full report of the as-yet-unknown weekend activities. Remember to spring ahead!

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