Here’s a pretty little stream from a campout we took in April 2005. So it must be in . . . ummm . . . Pennsylvania? That’s my best guess, anyway. See if you can recognize the place.

The boys are off camping tonight, so Loyal Reader Number Four and I are on our own. We watched a couple episodes of Monk, including tonight’s new one, and then caught tonight’s new episode of Psych. Our only two shows. They were all enjoyable. Exciting life, no?

Anyway, we’re hoping the Loyal Readers stay warm and dry and that they have a great time out in the woods. They’re staying at a park near Livermore, so they should be fine. There’s no way they could get into any campground in the mountains at this point – everything’s buried pretty deep in snow. They are still plenty of places you can go around here, though. I really want to get out for a night or two soon. Sigh.

Lest your curiosity cause you too much pain, I drove today. Worked out fine. Both legs were below par, timewise.

The weekend’s not looking too busy. I have a couple of tiny things I want to get done around the house – my personal, private towel rack is loose and I have several things that could stand to be straightened up. I also want to get that doggone mousebot done! Although I probably won’t make any progress in that direction. There’s also a stack of books about a mile high, and I keep getting more.

No news from Uncle Morrell, which is probably good news. We’re keeping the hope and prayers going.

Have yet another fine weekend. See you on Monday.

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