Top of the cliff

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One at the top of that cliff he climbed at camp this summer. I believe a similar picture to this one has been featured here before, but not from this exact angle. Which makes this picture totally unique. Really.

I’m home! I had a comfortable ride back, worked a couple of hours, and drove home in the rain. Slowly. I’m seriously thinking of riding the train tomorrow. I definitely will if it’s going to rain. Hold on a minute and I’ll check.

— Checking —

I’m back. There’s a 30% chance of rain. What to do? I suppose I’ll decide tomorrow morning. The suspense is killing us all.

My mother called me this afternoon and told me my uncle Morrell Snowball had a massive stroke and is in the hospital. His chances of coming back out are said to be small. I’m very sad. Morrell and my Aunt Ruth have been very kind to us and our children over the years. We’re hoping for the best for them both.

See you tomorrow.

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