Summit Garage

Here’s the Summit Garage, a lonely outpost of obsolete automotive care at the top of the Altamont pass. I can only imagine it used to be on the main road over the pass in the pre-freeway days. They probably did a pretty decent business back then. Great Art courtesy of the famous iPhone-cam. Taken through the train window.

I wonder if the Summit garage is on the Internet. Let’s have a look: Why, of course! There’s something on the internet for everyone.

Okay day. It turns out my employee with the layoff notice yesterday was identified by mistake, so it’s all fixed now. Good thing – I really don’t want to lose that person.

And the weekend is here! Kind of! That’s right, we’re off to Las Vegas early tomorrow morning. My colleagues at work all wondered how much I planned to gamble. The answer was simple: zero point zero. Well, we were certain to take in a show then, no? No. I would certainly do that if I didn’t lack one thing: the desire. We’re going to hang with the family.

The cruise will have lots of shows; I’m sure we’ll see at least a few. That will have to tide us over.

Have no fear, though, Loyal Readers. Daily posts will go on as scheduled. We’ll be staying with Internet-equipped relatives, so there will be at least brief posts. And the quality will be just as good as always.


We’re really looking forward to being together with LRN3 and LRN15. As of today, we still have no confirmation that LRN15 is coming, however. All I can say is that she had better be there. I mean it.

Anyway. We plan to do a little mine exploration (conditions permitting), a little work on the Suburban (cleaning up the hitch’s rust problem and possibly looking at its fuel gauge problem), and a bunch of enjoying being together.

I noted today that Boxee has been released for Windows. I tried installing the Alpha version on Shemp downstairs the other day, but its built-in, non-expandable video card has insufficient oomph. Sigh. I’ll try it on Larry Real Soon Now.

I did install the latest Boxee on Joe, my beloved Apple TV, last night. Not a good thing. It’s completely broken now. Double sigh. I’m sure they’ll fix it presently.

On the video-related upside, I set up Netflix on Larry last night. It’s massively cool. Essentially unlimited content. Lots of on-demand stuff and everything else imaginable on disc. We’re going to like it.

Everything else is normal. So I’ll leave you with a bit of toilet news: There’s nothing lower than a toilet-tipping pair.

See you tomorrow.

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