Here’s Saturday’s 12/13-year-old dance instruction class in progress. All those boys and so few girls. That’s just not right. Fuzzy action photo courtesy of the famous iPhone-cam.

Another beautiful, sunny day. Not overly hot in Sunnyvale. I’m not sure how it was here in Lardville. I do know it’s been a remarkably mild summer so far. Bad for swimming, good for the electric bill.

Got my permanent crown this morning. It feels fine, I suppose. The chewing surface feels a bit rough, but I assume that will take care of itself. It’s also a bit sensitive to cold, but I’m hoping that will diminish quickly. If not, back to the dentist I go.

I spent essentially the entire workday in meetings. After getting there from the dentist’s office, that is. One of the meetings was to tell me I’m supposed to lay one of my people off. I think they identified the wrong person and plan to get it fixed tomorrow.

Minimal Meeting Tuesday tonight. Only one meeting, but it goes from 8:00 to 10:00, so it’ll be a late night anyway. I’m writing this on the late train, so I’ll have only about fifteen minutes to change into my suit and have dinner. Not quite the relaxing meal I sometimes get.

And the iPhone’s battery is getting low (my kind coworker still hasn’t handed over the free charger), so let’s end with some disturbing food violence news: When cucumbers are outlawed, only outlaws will have cucumbers. My advice: stay out of the vegetable aisle.

See you tomorrow.

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