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Here’s the first daylight picture taken by my new iPhone. Featuring LRN1 in a pensive mood. Pretty decent detail for a phone camera, no?

Another weekend has come and gone. And a nice one it was. LRN5 came over on Saturday, followed by LRN6 and LRN12, neither of whom we had seen for several weeks. They also brought Rob, LRN6’s friend who’s in town to help the Loyal Readers move. Sigh.

Anyway, it was a pleasant weekend. There were Father’s Day presents and nice meals and general relaxation on Sunday, after I finished giving my two talks in two different Sacrament meetings.

Which went fairly well, I think. By coincidence, LRN1 and LRN2 played an organ and piano duet in the second meeting. They did an outstanding job, of course.

Saturday morning was spent helping a ward member move and the afternoon was spent doing . . . umm . . . I don’t precisely remember what at this exact moment. I do remember gong to the 12/13-year-old dance instruction in the late afternoon and working on my talk quite a bit. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a blur.

Decent day at work. Stayed busy. Got a couple of things done. I’ll be late to work tomorrow – my new crown will be ready. Bling, here I come.

LRN1 had a great breakthrough on the MARV today – the accelerometer is working! He installed the new 3.3-volt Arduino and tried it without luck. He finally took a closer look at the software and discovered an output pin setting that needed to be changed. He did that and it started working. Hooray! It’s always the easy thing, isn’t it?

Now we can move forward again. I need to get working on the navigation software again. Congrats, LRN1!

Let’s end with today’s food violence news, of which we never seem to run out: They’re dying to get back in.

See you tomorrow.

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