Hedge trimmer

Here’s yet another picture of LRN2’s Eagle project. This guy is using the power hedge trimmer (gotta get me one of those) to trim the edges of the trail. Love them chaps.

Once again, the weekend’s here. Lots to do. The Loyal Readers and I are helping some people from the ward move tomorrow morning. Then I need to work on my Sunday talk, which I’m giving in two wards. Then I might have to go to a youth dance in the evening. Sunday is Father’s Day! The second happiest day of the year! I’ll spend until about 2:00 in church, followed by nonstop Father’s Day stuff. You know – gift giving, delicious food making, flattering, inviting to relax, that kind of thing.

The latest round of new parts for the MARV arrived today. We need to try to find time to get the accelerometer working again. Maybe sometime during the day tomorrow.

I’m still enjoying figuring out how to work the iPhone. I keep finding out about new and cool features. The battery won’t last through a day of mucking about with it, so I need to get a charger for work, just like with the Treo. I was checking on Amazon for something inexpensive yet good when I remembered that one of my co-workers had had his iPhone stolen. I sent him a note offering to buy his old charger if he still had it. He wrote back, offering to give me all his accessories on Monday. Woo hoo! I’m set up.

Situation otherwise normal. Several of the Young Women are here for the evening to continue working on preparations for camp. They’ve been painting, hot gluing, recording music (accompanied very ably by LRN2), and generally putting decorations together. Seem to be having a nice time.

I appreciate the opinions of a few Loyal Readers on what kind of cereal they would punch someone in the mouth for. It’s that kind of hard-hitting journalism that really sets the Morrowlife blog apart. Keep it up, Loyal Readers.

Speaking of Loyal Readers, LRN3 received a free 1977 MG Midget today. Apparently, it had been in somebody’s garage as a restoration project for quite some time. LRN3 said some admiring words, and suddenly it was his. He needs to put a few things (radiator hoses, seats, bumpers) back on and make sure everything is functional, but between him and LRN6, I think they can get it done. Send us a picture, LRN3! I’m looking forward to getting a ride.

And finally, we have a strange combination of food violence and toilet news: Why?

See you Monday.

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