Here are a bunch of airplanes flying around at the Hiller Aviation Museum. They’re a little short on air traffic control there. Part of my famous Machinery series.

Well, well, well. Busy weekend. And lots of (bad) stuff going on with the blog.

Let’s start with the weekend, shall we. No blog on Friday. We were busy. Our friends came over for dinner and games. We had a very nice dinner (Bartholomew Beef!) but no games. We got busy chatting and never stopped. Until they went home. Maybe we’ll play games next time. I hope there is a next time.

So there was no blog. Fortunately, Anon seems to have missed it. Frankly, I think Anon is laying low after last week’s imposter Anon scare. Hopefully, it’s safe to come back out of the woodwork.

Anyway. Saturday was quiet and peaceful. Didn’t get much done, as I recall. I didn’t have much of anything on the list, though. Picked up a few things at the store. That’s about it. I think we jacuzzified in the evening. Or maybe that was yesterday. Sunday was extremely busy on the High Council front. Had a few callings to make, a few meetings to attend, and a setting apart to do in the branch. Also sang in the choir.

Speaking of which, the only real problem with my current calling is that the branch’s sacrament meeting is at the same time as our choir practice. Sadly, I’m being forced to give up choir for the present. Maybe the practice time will change and I can still attend at least some of the time. But they certainly shouldn’t change just for me. Although I am the only bass (link warning: really, really low Russian singing) who shows up sometimes. But definitely not every time. So they probably shouldn’t change it just for me.

Bad news on the blog front, once again. I got some comment spam last week. I’ve had to institute Measures. So far, they’re limited to captchas for all commenters and additional screening for comments on extremely old posts. Nothing too odious for my Loyal Readers, I hope. Really. I want to hear from you. I just don’t want to hear from dishonest idiots. Unless they happen to be Loyal Readers, that is. Present company excepted, of course.

Otherwise, everything is normal. Oh, I do have some very important toilet news. Well, it’s toilet-related news anyway. Valentine’s day note to Loyal Reader Number Four: no thanks. Really.

Time for home evening. See you tomorrow.

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