Chopper pilot

Here’s another one of those diseased statues. This one’s piloting a helicopter. Probably on his way to the skin clinic. Part of my famous statue and machinery series.

Extreme Short Shrift yet again. Fortunately, my Loyal Readers prefer it that way.

Stayed home sick today. I had a very bad night last night but was feeling better around mid-day. I’m doing pretty well by tonight – thanks for asking.

Loyal Readers Numbers Two and Four and I went to CSU Stanislaus this evening to see a chamber music concert. LRN2’s piano teacher was playing, along with a violin, a viola, and a cello. He’s a music professor at the school and was previously the dean of Fine Arts department. We only use the best music professors around the Secret Undisclosed Location here in Lardville.

Oops, I appear to have disclosed the location. Keep it under your hat.

Anyway, the concert was beautifully done. They featured French composers, including two unknowns. The music was technically difficult, well played, and interesting. I’m glad we went.

To top it off, LRN2’s teacher got us in for free. The general public paid ten bucks. Even students had to pay eight dollars.

Speaking of students, there were lots in attendance. I understood why when it was announced that programs wouldn’t be stamped until after the end of the concert. It turns out they were there because they had to get credit for it. Well, maybe even involuntary exposure to culture does some good.

Nothing else to report, and it’s time to watch McHale’s Navy. See you tomorrow.

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