Skin problem

Here’s a statue with a definite skin problem. It could be eczema. Or maybe the heartbreak of psoriasis. Either way, it makes you glad they had this guy behind a rope. I used to think ropes in museums were there to keep people out of the exhibits. Now I know it’s to protect the patrons from things like this. Picture taken on Christmas Eve at the Hiller Aviation Museum. Part of both my famous Statue and Machinery collections.

Bad news. The Morrowlife blog had its first obnoxious anonymous comment today. Don’t bother looking for it; I deleted it immediately. I know it didn’t come from good old Anon – it was obviously an impostor who didn’t care for my taste in statues. If he does it again, I’ll delete the comment again immediately, of course, and -gulp- turn off anonymous commenting.

Don’t worry, though, Loyal Readers. You’ll always be able to comment. What fun would it be, otherwise? I’d sure miss good old Anon, though. Hopefully, the pruneface who wants to spoil our fun won’t bother coming back.

I guess one nasty comment between November 2005 and now isn’t too bad, though.

Let’s see, what’s new today? Hmmm . . . not much. Got up, commuted, worked, ate lunch, worked, commuted, ate dinner, blogged.

Oh, there is one new thing – I received my last Christmas present! I had ordered myself the beanbag dashtop GPS mount back in mid-December. It was advertised at the time as not available until sometime in February, so I guess you could say it got here early. It turns out to be quite large and quite heavy. I think it’ll work, though. I plan to try it out in an actual car Real Soon Now.

– Later –

I just had to run over to a friend’s house, so I decided to use the new GPS mount. It works great! Just sits up there on the dash and doesn’t move. Loyal Reader Number Four isn’t so sure it’s overly safe in the event of a crash, but we won’t worry about that, will we? Besides, I think I would look good with a GPS-sized impression in my forehead.

Finally, there’s some good news on the toilet beat. Given our upcoming cruise plans, this is great news for LRN4 and me.

It’s late and time for bed. No new jobs for Loyal Reader Number One. No controversy either. Sigh. Get on the ball, Dave Barry!

See you tomorrow.

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