Road walkers

Here are Loyal Readers Numbers Two and Four walking down the road at Anthony Chabot Regional Park. Photo courtesy of the famous Treo-cam. Part of my famous Camping series.

Short Shrift. It’s not Massive Meeting Tuesday, but I do have an interview. So I’m out of the house for much of the evening.

Good day today. It was our last sunny, warm day for a little while, and it was truly beautiful. Rain and temperatures only in the upper 50s for the rest of the week. Including Off Friday. Too bad. We need the moisture, though.

Speaking of which, a friend – I can’t remember who – said we’ve had no snow in the mountains this winter. It’s absolutely dry up there, he or she said. That may be true, but I remember news reports from December that said the extremely heavy snows had reached all the way down to almost the thousand foot level. What happened to all that snow?

Anyway. Loyal Reader Number Two took the final for his Biology class today. He reports that it appears to have gone very well. Good work, LRN2!

Quick Juggernaut update: $11.72. I’ve made 52 cents this month alone, so far! Riches are just around the corner.

Loyal Reader Number One has been updating his blog pretty frequently. He made a very cool trip to a mine this past weekend and has posted the pictures. Highly recommended reading/viewing. If you’re not on the photo album invitation list, comment on his blog and request an invite.

Nothing else new today. See you tomorrow.

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