Suited reader

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two on one of his many visits to space. I’m judging that spacesuit to be sufficiently complex that it’s part of my famous Machinery series.

No post on Friday. We went to the opera – left the moment I got home and got back at eleven-ish. Sorry, Loyal Readers and thanks to Anon for noticing.

Enjoyed the opera very much. We saw The Barber of Seville. The acting was done broadly but appropriately for a comedy, the music was very nicely done, the singing was quite good, and even the chorus did a good job. On the downside, there were a few topical asides to the audience, but they were easy to overlook. We’d go back there. In fact, we just might.

Nice weekend. Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve were with us. They went home today, since LRN5 had the day off (I didn’t, alas). LRN6 got interested in LRN2’s balsa wood bridge building project and spent quite a bit of time designing and building prototypes. It looked like he was having a nice time and he certainly helped LRN2 quite a bit. Thanks, LRN6!

Let’s see, what else happened? Not much work on Saturday out of me, that’s for sure. I spoke in church on Sunday. I think it went okay. I used about a third of the material I had prepared. Of course. I had a full twenty minutes, so the fault was entirely mine. I don’t think I spent enough quiet time preparing. More realistic job next time. There will be plenty of opportunities, fortunately.

Loyal Reader Number Four and I are officially going on an Alaska cruise in July! We signed up today. We’re going with our friends Doug and Connie. The trip is ten days long, so I’m really hoping we love it. I think we will.

The new BlackBerry (link warning: phone demo with plenty of cheesy music) arrived today. I now have two cell phones to carry around. Alpha geek! The new bluetooth headset works perfectly with both. So there’s something.

Finished Patrick McManus’s newish book called Kerplunk! on the train this evening. Highly recommended. Everything McManus has ever published is gently funny. I can’t get enough of his stuff. I’ve started another one from 1996 titled Never Cry “Arp!”. It turns out to be a collection of previously-published stories for young readers. I’m going to read it anyway.

Let’s see – what else? Ummm … nothing. See you tomorrow.

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