Twin pack

Here’s the famous Allison Twin-Pack turboprop aircraft engine. It’s a unique combination of one engine in the front with two in the back. Behold the back view:

Part of my famous Machinery series. And an extremely rare double-great-art day.

More sunshine and warmth. I would say it’s getting monotonous, but it’s not. Bring it on.

I read about today’s plane crash in New York. Thank Heaven everybody got out safely. That’s a testament to excellent piloting and stout aircraft design.They said that after the evacuation was over, the plane was tied up to a pier somewhere. Amazing.

But we have to do something about those confounded Canada geese. They’re everywhere in the east and have become a major problem. Obviously. I think we can (or should) all agree that they’re no longer endangered. Time to open hunting season back up.

There’s big news from Mars today. I have only one comment: they must be guys.

Along similar lines, we have today’s toilet news: it’s getting dangerous out there.

Time to do something else. See you tomorrow.

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