Wind tunnel

Here are a couple of pretty questionable-looking guys working on a wind tunnel model. Pretty big model for its time, if you ask me. And highly detailed. At least until you get behind the cockpit. Then it becomes sort of general. Part of both my famous Statue and Machinery series.

Fine day. Another beauty, weather-wise. Work went well, commuting went well and was characterized mainly by napping, with an hour of work thrown in for good measure.

My first Massive Meeting Tuesday went very well. I have a ton of assignments, including several callings to issue to members of various wards, a speaking assignment on Sunday, another speaking assignment at a fireside in early February, and lots of meetings to attend. I’m tremendously excited about it all and a little overwhelmed. The Lord will provide.

Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Four sent me a copy of this video:

Her father suggested I might like to add it to my collection. I’ll have to give that some thought. Thanks, LRN24!

The video came from the Mil-Spec Monkey website. Somewhat messy website design, but they do have reviews of some pretty cool gear. Including the Tuff Writer Tactical Pen. (Available in Stealth Black, Sniper Grey, and Desert Brown!)

I found another perfect summer job for Loyal Reader Number One: frog listener. Of course, I’ll be taking my usual ten percent finder’s fee.

No more for tonight. See you tomorrow.

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