Sit down

Here’s an invitation I don’t think I care to accept. I believe this is a piece of rescue equipment used by helicopter crews to pick up downed pilots or other people on the ground. Spotted on Christmas Eve at the Hiller Aviation Museum, of course. I’m going way out on a limb and including this in my famous Machinery series.

Extreme Short Shrift. It’s Massive Meeting Tuesday, and I don’t expect to be home until very late. I’ll post this when I get home. Will add Great Art and skip today’s links.

Drove the Miata to work today, for the first time in months. The Massive Meeting timing just doesn’t work for the train. The morning drive was quite normal – didn’t take significantly less time than the train but was pleasant nonetheless. I got through a few podcasts but missed the old-time TV shows I’ve been watching. Also didn’t get any work done.

Another beautiful, sunny, warm day. It’s in the mid-sixties and is expected to be that way every day for the next week. I checked the Michigan weather forecast, and they’ll be lucky to get out of single digits this week. My sympathies to my snowbound Loyal Readers. Drop in for a nice warm winter visit!

All is well. See you tomorrow.

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