Here’s an old gasoline tanker.  Absolutely beautiful.  Great Art taken at the Henry Ford Museum and part of my famous Machinery and Vacation series.

Well.  It’s been a long time again, hasn’t it?  LRN4 correctly pointed this out in a comment today, so I thought I’d make a bit of an update.  There are actually a few things to talk about, too!

Let’s start with this past weekend, shall we?  LRN4 and I used our Groupon to stay Friday night at the bed and breakfast in Auburn, which is a very old gold mining town about 45 minutes east of Sacramento.  The place was nice and the people were very friendly and helpful.  We enjoyed it.  Saw a bunch of the town.  The old town area had a bunch of nice old buildings, a few small but interesting museums, and some other nice stuff. We did a bit of exploring on Friday afternoon, spent a nice evening and night at the hotel, got a very good breakfast, and spent a bunch of time in old town on Saturday morning.  We were done by about noon and were thoroughly hot and sweaty by then.

Hiked back up to the car and left for Sacramento to look at a few cars for LRN4.  Did I already mention we’re selling the Suburban to LRN3?  Well, we are.  That means I needed another car at the office.  My beloved Honda took that spot.  That means I needed another car at home.  The Taurus fills that bill nicely.  That means LRN4 needed another car.  So we went to look.

Drove a couple of Fiat 500s.  I have to say I was very favorably impressed!  The cars are way cute, very well-equipped, and all kinds of good things.  There’s just one problem – they have no power.  None.  Utter dogs.  Still, we came this close to buying one, and I think we would have been happy with it.  However, we decided to just drive down the block a couple of miles and check out the Mini Coopers, which LRN4 has been dreaming about for years.  They brought one out for us to test drive that was her favorite color and had just about everything she wanted on it.  One drive was enough to convince both of us and we bought it on the spot.  Got home with it at about 6:00, completely exhausted but happy.

That car flies!  LRN4 is worried about getting speeding tickets in it.  You start it moving and, before you know it, you’re way over the speed limit.  The handling is outstanding, it has automatic everything, navigation, bluetooth, Sirius, voice commands, automatic temperature control, and a whole bunch more stuff.  Not to mention traction and stability control and just about every other kind of “control” the nice folks at BMW can invent.  I love it.

Moving up to today, it’s LRN2’s eighteenth birthday!  Happy birthday. LRN2!  We’re celebrating on Saturday, which is convenient because that’s when he’ll be home.  I’m really excited to see him.

Moving up to tomorrow, LRN3 is coming!  LRN4 picks him up at the airport mid-morning.  We’re excited about his visit too.  The house will be full for a couple of weeks.  Fun, fun, fun!

But it’s time for bed now, so I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: therapy kangaroo!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    LOVE that picture! That truck is just SO orange!

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