Temple trip

As promised, here are LRN1 and LRN4 standing outside the Draper temple, following his first visit there. It was a very rewarding day. Photo courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam. I brought my good camera all the way to Utah and then left it at the Loyal Relatives’ house. Sigh.

No post yesterday. It was a very busy evening and I just never got around to it. Didn’t miss much, though.

Lots to do at work today. But not much to say about it. I like being busy and I like being a manager. So I liked working today.

One small problem, though. We take turns buying donuts for the group every Wednesday. Lately, though, almost nobody is signing up to bring the donuts (I did it today, which is what made me think of it). I don’t want it to seem like the group’s manager is pressuring people to spend their own money on donuts for the group, so I’ve asked one of the department members to send a nastygram to everybody asking if they want to continue having donuts and, if so, to take a turn now and then. We’ll see how that goes. I’m not sure what I’d do without my donut.

LRN12’s time with us as a full-time resident is coming to a close soon. She’ll be moving back in with Mom in two weeks. We’ll really miss her and hope she’ll be here often, but she really needs to be with a parent, and we need to get back to our normal lives too. Still, it’s really been wonderful having her here. I’ll miss her.

But we still have two fun-filled weeks.

I’ll leave you today with some important Christmas-themed religious toilet news: it’s a Christmas miracle!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I LOVE the toilet news today! What a hoot! I commend the man on his Christmas spirit.

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