Salt Flats

Here’s one more piece of Great Art from our Thanksgiving trip to Utah – the salt flats. Taken during a rest stop at a … umm … rest stop. The interesting thing about that rest stop is that they have a foot washing station, which is somewhat unusual for such a place. Presumably, they expect people to walk out on the salt and need to clean up. Too cold for us, though. Picture courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam.

Extreme Short Shrift. It’s already 10:30 and I need to get to bed. Gave minor help to LRN4 to get some Christmas gifts ordered this evening and … umm … rested. Lots going on at work, though, so it’s nice to rest a bit.

Busy weekend coming up, though. LRN2 has an organ performance Friday evening. Saturday, we’re putting up our Christmas lights in the morning, going to see a creche exhibit (either the beautiful one in Palo Alto or the slightly more convenient one in Modesto – we’re leaning towards Modesto right now) mid-day, and going to the ward Christmas dinner in the evening, where LRN2 is playing the piano in a piano-harmonica duet, among other things. I’m looking forward to it all.

I’m very sorry to announce the death this afternoon of my friend Dave Allen. He was a truly nice person who survived cancer for a year or two, but deteriorated quite rapidly lately and finally lost the battle today. I’ll miss him.

I’ve located an important holiday job opportunity for my Loyal Readers: caveman. It’s temporary, but looks like it might be very lucrative, what with visitors handing out treats all the time.

Tonight’s food violence news comes courtesy of LRN5: police candy theft. Fortunately, our Boys in Blue were able to thwart the heinous misdeed.

See you tomorrow.

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